Refill Guide


The below table shows the compatibility of our refills. If your pen is not on the list please contact the Customer Service Team on 0121 369 0510 and they will assist you with your refill.


Ballpen Refill

Diplomat Plain Ballpen
Diplomat Barley Ballpen
Edwardian Barley Ballpen
Perfecta Victorian Ballpen
Viceroy Standard Plain Ballpen
Viceroy Standard Barley Ballpen

Elizabeth XC Barley Ballpen

Elizabeth XC Victorian Ballpen

Pocket Twist Action Ballpen Refill

Viceroy Pocket Barley Ballpen
Viceroy Pocket Victorian Ballpen

Rollerball Refill

Viceroy Standard Plain Rollerball
Viceroy Standard Barley Rollerball
Viceroy Standard Victorian Rollerball
Viceroy Grand Barley Rollerball
Viceroy Grand Victorian Rollerball





Viceroy Standard Plain Fountain Pen
Viceroy Standard Barley Fountain Pen

Viceroy Standard Victorain Fountain Pen

Viceroy Pocket Barley Fountain Pen

Viceroy Pocket Victorian Fountain Pen

Viceroy Grand Victorian Fountain Pen

Viceroy Grand Barley Fountain Pen




Pencil Lead H

Pencil Lead HB

Pencil B

Diplomat Plain Pencil

Diplomat Barley Pencil

Edwardian Plain Pencil

Perfecta Victoran Pencil

Edwardian Barley Pencil

Viceroy Standard Plain Pencil



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