Why 18 Carat Gold Nibs?

The Allure of 18 Carat Gold Nibs: Unveiling the Superior Writing Experience for Discerning Fountain Pen Enthusiasts


The use of gold in nibs dates back to the early days of fountain pen development. Gold's inherent properties of softness, flexibility, and corrosion resistance made it an ideal material for crafting nibs that could deliver a smooth, consistent, and long-lasting writing experience. Aspen-making techniques evolved, the use of 18 carat gold became the standard for high-quality fountain pens, a testament to its exceptional qualities.

For discerning fountain pen enthusiasts, the choice of nib material is paramount to the writing experience. Among the various options available, 18-carat gold nibs stand out as the pinnacle of luxury and performance

The Unmatched Properties of 18C Gold Nibs:

  • Exceptional Smoothness: 18C gold's remarkable softness and pliability allow the nib to glide effortlessly across the paper, delivering an unparalleled smoothness that feels like gliding over silk. *Unwavering Durability: While gold is renowned for its softness, 18C gold strikes the perfect balance between pliability and resilience. The nib retains its shape and resilience, ensuring consistent performance over years of use. *Exquisite Flexibility: 18C gold nibs exhibit a remarkable degree of flexibility, adapting to the user's writing style and pressure. This adaptability enables a wide range of line widths and variations, catering to both casual jottings and elegant calligraphy. *Corrosion Resistance: Unlike many other materials, 18C gold is highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring the nib maintains its pristine condition and functionality for generations. *Enhanced Ink Flow: The smooth surface and capillary action of 18 C gold facilitate an optimal ink flow, preventing skipping, smudging, or ink starvation.

Embracing the Art of Writing with 18C Gold Nibs:

18C gold nibs elevate the writing experience to an art form. Their unparalleled smoothness, durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and enhanced ink flow create an unparalleled writing experience that is both luxurious and functional. Each stroke of the pen becomes a graceful dance, effortlessly translating thoughts and emotions onto paper.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life, 18C gold nibs represent the epitome of writing excellence. They are a testament to the pursuit of quality, craftsmanship, and the art of writing.

When seeking the perfect writing instrument, consider a pen crafted with an 18C gold nib. It will not only enhance your writing experience but also serve as a cherished companion, accompanying you on your journey of creativity and self-expression.

All our exquisite fountain pens at Yard O Led incorporate 18 Carat gold nibs, offering discerning individuals the opportunity to experience the unparalleled elegance and performance that these exceptional nibs provide.

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Morning. I am the proud owner of a yard o lead propelling pencil. It was given to me by my Godfather in 1961 as a christening present. The original box fell to pieces so I bought a box of e bay as a replacement. It still looks as good now as all those years ago. There’s a serial number on it but I can’t make it out.
It’s something I intend to keep for the rest of my life.
Dave Houldsworth

David Houldsworth June 30, 2024

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