Propelling Pencil

Using the propelling pencil

Hold the barrel of the pencil and rotate the cap to propel or retract the lead as required

Refilling with lead

Pull out the cap section and turn in an anti-clock wise direction until the slider is completely unscrewed from the barrel.  Push the slider grip along to expose the lead holder and any reaming lead. Hold the slider grip firmly between thumb and forefinger and push down towards the slider grip.  The resulting spring action will release the lead.  Unscrew the refill nut.  Insert the new lead into the lead holder, ensuring it is pushed fully into place.

(Failure to push the new lead right into the holder may cause it to move up and down when writing.)  Move the slider grip back along the slider towards the cap section, and insert the whole slider mechanism into the barrel.  Screw the cap section back over the refill nut, then the cap clockwise until lead appears at the tip of the pencil.



Replacing the refill

Unscrew the front section from the barrel and rescrew into place.



Using the Ballpen

Hold the barrel of the pen and rotate the cap to produce or retract the point as required

Replacing the refill

First, retract the point into the barrel.  Then continue to turn the cap in an anti-clockwise direction.  The cap in an anti-clockwise direction.  The cap unit can then be unscrewed from the barrel.  Remove the old refill and replace with a new one.  This should be pushed firmly into the centre tube of the cap unit.  Screw the cap back into the barrel as far as it will go, then turn the cap to propel the point.


Fountain Pen

The pen is supplied with a convertor for use with traditional bottled ink.  Cartridges may also be used.

Refilling the convertor

Unscrew the barrel to reveal the convertor.  This contains a small piston, and works on the same principal as a syringe; ink is drawn into the convertor by suction as the piston is retracted.  Turn the end of the piston mechanism towards you until it comes to rest.  Immerse the nib completely in the ink and turn the piston slowly to draw ink into the convertor.  When the piston is fully retracted, advance it again slowly allowing a few drops of ink to drip back ink the bottle.  Wipe the nib clean with a tissue and screw the barrel back together.

Changing the ink cartridge

For ease, we recommend that two ink cartridges are stored in the barrel back to back so that a spare is always available.  When one cartridge is empty, unscrew the barrel and push a new one is place.  For convenience, remember to add a second full cartridge.

Cleaning the pen

Remove the convertor by pulling it away from the pen and fill it with luke-warm water. (do not use detergents.)  re-attach it to the pen and turn the piston mechanism to push the water through until it comes to rest.  Repeat this process until the water becomes clear.  Wipe the case of the pen with a soft paper towel.  Then, either replace the convertor and fill with ink, or insert a cartridge.


Caring for your Yard O Led

Our writing instruments are not treated with finishing lacquers but left in a natural state which gives them their unique lustre.

After a time, or if your pen is not in regular use, it can tarnish or lose its original shine.  A polish with a soft jeweller’s cloth or a general silver polish will regain its sparkle.