The Workshop

Today in our Birmingham workshop, a small number of dedicated craftsmen assemble and decorate every one of Yard O Led's exquisite writing instruments by hand. Some of these masters have been with the company for over fifty years, and each brings their own distinctive style, making no pen or pencil exactly like any other.

Our instruments are all manufactured from premium 925 Sterling silver, hand-chased with traditional Victorian designs. Each prestigious item is engraved with a unique number and stamped with a hallmark from the British Assay Office, guaranteeing the purity of the silver and authenticating each instrument as a genuine artifact of British heritage. A personal engraving is also available on request.

We are committed to unparalleled craftsmanship and distinctive design

Yard O Led has perfected traditional engraving methods, including engine-turning and hand-hammering, that have long been lost to many parts of the metalworking industry. These time-honoured techniques are used to create pens featuring our famous "Barley" and "Victorian" finishes on the exterior of the barrel. The former is a fine mesh pattern that is not just aesthetically pleasing - it also provides a flawless grip. The Victorian finish, meanwhile, comprises a delicate and sophisticated floral motif, faithful to the fashions of that bygone era. Finally, every pen and pencil is fitted with our attractive and recognisable clips, crafted from sheet silver.

The Yard O Led core range showcases the various styles perfected over the years, and it is complemented by very special limited editions created in honour of a special occasion or person.